Evy's Bees

We choose for naturale harvesting and make raw bee-products.

From delicious honey to strong bees, explore our beeshop and bee inspired.

Pre order Bees

You can reserve bees trough our contact below or send us a email.

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Bee team

We are the bee team, 
Evy and Koen. 
As a couple we are strong together and we both love the bees. 
We have found a life that is completely right and we are doing a profession that is not only important for nature and people, but that we enjoy doing and is close to our heart.

burnd area

Our project

Also you can help us to restore this beautiful place.

As many of you know, Portugal comes in the news almost every year because of the forest fires.

pollination service

Our service

We deliver a strong colony, we also offer a pollination service for those with fruit orchards and / or vegetable gardens. It is also possible to contact us if you have a bee swarm. We have set up a bee training for those who are thinking about becoming a beekeeper.


Bee shop

You can buy various bee-related products in our webshop. 
Bees, honey, hives, propolis and more.
All Bee friendly.