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We proudly present our bee species called Apis Mellifera Iberiensis.
This is an imhense species that is still very common in the wild and has occupied the land for thousands of years. 
It is therefore perfectly adapted to the nature and climate of Portugal. 
They have the ability to expand their nest at a rapid pace, even in summer time. 
These bees are good honey producers and experts in bringing in propolis and bee pollen. This is an older bee species, they are more resistant to diseases and use their food reserves efficiently.
These bees defensive behavior is slightly higher than other species, but that also keeps out other insects such as the Asian hornet.

Product information

We deliver a strong bee colony with a marked and mated queen, these are delivered in a Reversivel beehive together with an second deep and a honey super. 
We provide all the frames with beeswax ready to be used and as an extra service your name or logo can be engraved in the beehive. 
This is done by hand and non-toxic paint is used. 

When purchasing 1 or more beehives, it is possible to combine this with a bee training. So you are immediately organized and you can get started right away with confidence.
Click here for more information about the training. (Beginners Course)

When ordering a bees nest it is possible to pick it up yourself or that we bring it for a kilometer fee of 0,11€/km. 
While we are there we will provide you with instructions on how to open the beehive.

Delivery costs

Please contact us first for delivery costs or for placement of hives and bees.
When we come to deliver ourselves, a shipping cost of € 0.11 per km is requested.
If it concerns several kilos, we contact a delivery service.
For questions please contact us!
We will provide all necessary information about the shipping costs for your order.
The delivery cost you see is only a fictitious estimated average cost, it can change.