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Our mission is to protect bees, because bees are fundamental to our well-being, health and beauty.

Evy's Bees

We work with Apis mellifera iberiensis 
this specie is very strong and defensive, but with the right handling, these bees are very productive.

Our bees stand in natural places where they produce high quality Portuguese sweetness.

Honey is liquid gold and we select for quality and authenticity.
We offer a variety of tasty honeys as well as raw propolis and propolis tincture. Pure beeswax and handmade beeswax candles.

By maximizing the profitability of our fellow beekeepers' hives, we also facilitate the production of other hive products such as honey, propolis and beeswax. Produced according to the strict rules of DOP and FNAP, the honey comes from different regions of Portugal and offers a unique taste and incomparable aromas. 

Together we create value for Portuguese honey.

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