Apivar - Varroa treatment 10 strips

The varroa destructor mites are a significant threat to honeybee colonies. Apivar strips are effective at controlling Varroa mites, which are parasitic pests that can weaken and devastate bee colonies if left unchecked.

Here's why these treatment strips are so important:

1. Varroa destructor mites are one of the primary health threats to honeybee colonies worldwide. These mites attach themselves to adult bees and, even worse, to developing bee larvae, feeding on their bodily fluids and transmitting harmful viruses. If left untreated, Varroa infestations can lead to colony collapse.

2. Treating hives with Varroa treatment strips at specific times of the year is a well-established practice. These treatments coincide with critical points in the beekeeping calendar: 

   - Springtime Treatment: This helps manage mite levels as the colony expands and prepares for the active foraging season.
   - Post-Harvest Treatment: After harvesting honey colonies can experience stress. Treating for Varroa after honey extraction helps bees prepare for winter with reduced mite levels.

   - Winter Treatment: Winter is a challenging time for bee colonies, and it's crucial to ensure they go into the season with minimal Varroa mite loads. This increases their chances of surviving until spring.

The package is 10 strips per unit. The number of strips to use in a beehive depends on the hive's size:

- Full Beehive: It's recommended to use 2 strips in a full-sized beehive for effective Varroa control.

- Small Hive: For smaller hives, such as nucleus colonies or those with fewer bees, using 1 strip is generally sufficient.

The treatment duration lasts for approximately 7 weeks. It's essential to follow the instructions for the specific treatment strips you're using to ensure proper usage and timing.

Apivar - Varroa treatment 10 strips

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