Wild Lavender BIO Honey Bulk 300KG


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Raw, wild lavender honey from bees foraging on the Lavandula Stoechas plant, a wild ancestor of cultivated lavender also called crested lavender or butterfly lavender, is a plant of the mint family. It is a strongly branched and strikingly fragrant dwarf shrub. The species is found in the Mediterranean region on dry, stony, rocky slopes. It is often found in the company of cork oaks on hillsides in many areas of Portugal, including the Algarve, Alentejo and Beira Baixax. This particular honey is a semi-sweet, delicate, floral, light in colour with a silky texture and an almost fruity background note. A very versatile, excellent everyday honey. It is produced by artisan beekeepers and happy bees. Rosmaninho is hard to beat.

The honey is filled and sealed in food grade barrels of 300 kg.

An analysis and certificate is provided with each lot of honey.

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