Propolis Disinfection Spray 15ml - Strong

Discover the natural power of Propolis, your ultimate defense against infections and a versatile companion for daily well-being. Our Propolis Disinfection Spray is a powerhouse blend of propolis, renowned for its antibacterial and healing properties and designed to be your go-to solution for minor wounds, foot care and skin fungus.

Key Features:

1. Propolis Protection:
Known for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It forms a protective barrier against harmful microorganisms, promoting faster healing and preventing infections.
2. Upturned Design:
Our innovative bottle design allows you to use the spray upside down, making it effortless to apply to toes, feet, or other challenging areas. Say goodbye to awkward angles and wasted product.
3. Multi-Purpose:
Our product serves as a versatile solution for a variety of skincare needs. In addition to being ideal for treating small wounds, cuts, and scrapes, it also serves as an effective remedy for combating skin fungi across the entire body.

Whether dealing with foot fungi or other forms of skin infections, our product is a valuable addition to your first aid and skincare regimen, providing relief and promoting healing.

How to Use:

1. Small Wounds:
Clean the affected area, then spray the Propolis directly onto the wound. Allow it to air dry, and repeat as needed until the wound is healed.
2. Foot Care:
For foot fungi or wounds on the feet, hold the bottle upside down, and evenly spray on the targeted area. Ensure it dries before wearing shoes or socks.
3. Preventative Care:
Apply Propolis to small cuts or scrapes to protect against infection or other forms of skin infections and promote a faster recovery.

Our easy-to-use disinfection spray provides natural protection, whether you need to treat minor wounds or maintain foot hygiene. Keep it on hand for quick, effective, and convenient care whenever you need it.

Learn more about propolis here.

*Note: For severe injuries or persistent foot issues, consult a healthcare professional for proper guidance.*
*This product is not edible and not for internal use*
*Product can contain traces of bee venom.*

Propolis Disinfection Spray 15ml - Strong

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