Extraction of propolis without alcohol 30ml dropper bottles

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This propolis extract in a base from olive oil helps to promote the body's natural defenses. 

This can be used for children, animals and people who do not consume alcohol.

You can drop it directly into the mouth or into a glass of water, or to gargle to improve gum health.

Positive effects:
-Helps to promote the body’s natural defenses. 
-Antibacterial & Antiviral properties 
-Immunsystem boost
-Various chronic inflammatory complaints 
-Increase in overall resistance
-Reducing inflammation
-Healing of wounds
-Improving blood circulation
-Lowering of blood pressure
-Clean and disinfect your mouth

What makes us different?

Violet glass bottles

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Our tinctures are filled in violet glass bottles, they have unique effects such as:

- Sunlight protection

Violet glass filters out the more harmful rays of visible light and allows portions of the UVA and infrared light waves to pass through, keeping the products fresh for a longer period of time.

- Preserves the smell, taste, color, bioenergy and biophotonic activity of the Propolis

The capacity to store biophotons or sun energy is a measure of quality of what we consume. Violet glass acts as a barrier, preventing the loss of biophotons from the product.

- Provides energetic effects due to the violet color. 

Violet creates a positive feeling of peace, harmony and well-being, as well as wisdom and creativity.